Desirable at a Certain Age


This blog continues my tale of woe in getting a hip replacement removed and a new one installed.  (It is going all right, but let’s just say I’ve been in a better mood  . . . .)

Anyway, after several days of hospitalization, I was shipped off to a rehabilitation center where I was expected to recover some strength, regain my ability for self-care and begin physical and occupational therapy.

And you know what?  I was a very, very desirable woman at that center.  I’m talking HOT!  Even though I’m a senior citizen, I was younger than most of the others, and it was reasonable to expect I would return to my former activities.  (I get that many others have serious health issues and will not return to self-sufficiency.  Many work hard to maintain their dignity and eek out some control over their lives – this blog simply is meant to be a light-hearted description of my personal experience.)

The CNAs and nurses were happy I was high-functioning and didn’t need a lot of attention.  It was clear from the first days the physical therapists all wanted me in their schedule – I was upbeat, cooperative and pushed to do more.  The occupational therapists were the same.  Sometimes other residents refused to go to rehab in the morning, taking a bit longer to rouse from their sleep or to savor their coffee — so there were times when a therapist would come into my room with hopes I was ready to go with them – and I always, always was ready.  In fact, I’d like to have had more daily sessions.

With hip revision surgery done from the posterior, the expectation is the patient will use a walker or rollator for the first six weeks, even though full weight can be placed on the injured leg.  Not me!  A few days before my discharge a physical therapist recommended I try a HurryCane.  Wow!  I was free of pushing a clunky rollator around, I stood taller and moved more quickly.  My surgeon confirmed that if PT thought I was ready for a cane, then I was.

I was discharged from the rehab center after a week so my transitory attractiveness has waned – back to reality!  Quite frankly, despite all the attention, there’s nothing like being able to sleep in your own bed.  I know it is necessary, but sleeping on plastic-covered mattresses and pillows just doesn’t make for a good night.

Now I dream for hours of dragon boat racing and bicycling with my friends again.