Tribal Blessings


I haven’t written a post to my blog for a few weeks now.  I had hip replacement surgery just over two weeks ago and today is the first time I’m ready to write again.

Rick had both of his knees replaced around the turn of the century.  Remember the fears around Y2K?  The Internet would falter, transportation would grind to a halt, and there’d be general panic throughout the world.  Time progressed from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000 and . . . nothing happened.  It was just another New Year’s Day.  I find my apprehension and anxiety about upcoming events are usually overblown.  The event occurs, and it is often easier or more enjoyable than I imagined.

So it was with my procedure.  My surgeon is well-regarded, so after waiting two months to see him at the beginning of this year, I had to wait four more months to undergo the procedure.  During that time I imagined helplessness, incapacities, dependence on others, and failure to rehab back to my former level of fitness.

Fortunately I was wrong on most accounts.  Compared to others, I was discharged faster from rehab, transitioned from walker to cane quicker, and gained permission to drive earlier.  I perform all activities of daily living, and have even just returned to the gym for strength training.

I did depend on others, however, to get me through this.  Neighbors, stepdaughters, bicycling friends and dragon boat club members all came through with their time.  My neighbor who sat with me at the hospital after Rick’s passing almost a year ago once again sat with me in a hospital – her generosity of spirit is amazing.  One stepdaughter came down to Florida to help me with the transition from rehab to home (the other had to cancel her own plans to join us).  Others called, visited, sent cards and flowers, and ferried me to appointments.

One of the latest social constructs is about finding one’s tribe — a group of people who love and care about one another, no matter the circumstances.  I have a tribe and feel blessed.  I have been so self-absorbed these past months and have drained others with my neediness.  It is more than time to balance the scales through service to my tribal community, to:



Be Present.


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