In/Visible Clubs


There are myriad organizations in the world.  Sports fans follow soccer, football, NASCAR – you name it.  Political entities unite behind their candidates.  Birders show their journals off to other enthusiasts.  Grateful Dead fans and Parrot Heads follow the music.  Huge groups of people which are just so enthralled with particular ideas or activities are all around and yet invisible to the likes of me.

In the past year, I have joined the following groups:

  • Mahjong players
  • Dragon boat racers
  • Widows and widowers
  • Vintage Blues fans (and still Fabulous Rockers fans)
  • United Way Women’s Leadership Council members
  • Americans who have visited Cuba
  • Bloggers
  • Women who think somehow growing their hair out will make it become straight and sleek (Sorry, I digress . . . .)

I joined a new club recently:

  • Joint replacement veterans

Since my hip replacement just a month ago I have been rehabbing.  Besides using some gym equipment, my surgeon directed me to do a series of easy movements in the pool a few times each week.  So I have been going to an indoor pool near my home, joining others as they rehab their knees, hips, shoulders, or backs.  We usually share a quick summary of our surgeries and progress.  I’ve even had people glance at my 5-page workout summary and immediately know my surgeon’s name!

As I go about my business with a heightened awareness of telltale scars, I make eye contact and nod to my fellow joint replacement club members.  We don’t even need to talk; we know we belong to the same club.

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