There’s a new man in my life, and thus I expect to take a pause from writing this blog.  My posts have been oriented to adjusting to life as a widow and building a “new normal.”  While dating is but one of the many activities I’ve tried out over these past 20 months, I feel it is a new relationship to be explored privately rather than exploited in this blog.

I will, however, take this opportunity to write a bit about dating at this stage of life.

Last year my primary physician and I had a discussion about the difficulty I anticipated in finding a man or men appropriate to date.  He shared his opinion that younger people often begin relationships out of physical infatuation which may grow into love and commitment, but that older folks not only want some level of attraction, they also want to be able to have engaging dialogue with one another.  I made a list of characteristics I wanted in a date, along with one or two deal-breakers, but now I’m finding there are additional traits I missed.  (A widow speaking at a conference last summer said her list had shrunk to:  “Are you a felon?” and I laughed along with the other widows, but seriously – my list is growing!)

Almost effortlessly this new man walked into my life and we are finding a surprising number of commonalities.  We converse about everything under the sun.  We talk, too, about how we want to spend our last decades of life and if/how another person might fit into them.

As I said a few posts ago, it’s all good.


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